K2A advertises for High Income Speakers

As pointed out by a guest comment,

KnowledgeToAction is advertising for positions of "High Income Speakers" with "No experience needed" "just sales experience".

Read for yourself, but this seems to contradict what every seminar speakers tells his audience, i.e. that he is a very successful trader and just doing the speaking to help you become a millionaire. Yeah, right! and the fast car he'll claim to own? ;-)

Oh.. and it's interesting to see how K2A calls themselves "a fast growing international seminar company". That would imply their profits are derived principally from seminars, and not from trading... but I think most on this blog had already figured that out!

from: http://knowledgetoaction.co.uk/about/careers/Graduate-Speaker-Advert-jul11.pdf


  1. I want my money back right now

  2. Yes, thanks Adam for posting the link! It made a great post.

  3. 49th Fastest growing company - not from trading results but from being a seminar company. NICE. So the £13,0000 course i was offered today for only £1997 to make me a millionaire is not really what it seems, it is a sales offer a bit similar to double glazing. Well i must say they do train the guys pretty well, they teach them all the lingo, how to swerve trading questions and to totally blatently tell lies about their results or trading experience at all to get sales. Even the scruffy man at the back was a sales man who really wanted me to be as rich as him in 5 years (although i am not the one working on a saturday morning)
    I think anyone who reads this and does not cancel deserves to be taken up a garden path. No experience required! - i have now attended both of their free events and was going to sign up on monday, but now i know its a sales job, i wont bother at all and look elsewhere for training.
    Stuart Greenfield

    1. Hi Stuart, I had a similar experience, I ended up spending about £2400. My friend went to another company that gives the 2 Day course that K2A does for FREE - I think they are still making that offer. get in touch if you would like the details: vedantatrader@gmail.com

  4. Speakers get paid £100 for each person they sign up on the day. If they do not sign on the day, the sales go to telesales and the speaker gets nothing. The same goes for the people at the back of the room who register you and give you a hard time leaving after the seminar. I worked there for 4 weeks and gave up as I cannot hard sell anything to anyone

  5. Hi,

    I have always been very dubious about people offering to 'teach' you how to trade; if indeed you know how to make money from the markets then why are you wasting all this time advertising, sending emails and running seminars ???

    Surely you would spend all your time trading those 'rules' and make a sackful of money all the time instead wouldn't you.

    The other argument is that if these people really wanted to (ahem) 'give something back' then all those seminars and following courses would be free because they are making so much money from their own trading that they could afford to do so!

    In trading circles, there is an excellent 'saying' and it is worth remembering because it encapsulate everything that is wrong (fraudulent even?) with people pretending they will give you stock market rules & secrets......


    I reckon these people make 90% of their income from those courses and NOT from trading.

  6. Can anyone recommend a course that is reasonably priced and worth the effort?

  7. Guy Cohen has a course which is cost efficient and terms and conditions are reasonable. You can Google him do your own due diligence. I have found the course fair and reasonable.

  8. Three YEARS, of course, not three EARS :-)

  9. Knowledge To Action have asked KwikChex to assist them with regard to comments made about the company online.

    The role of KwikChex is to verify the standards of businesses and to assist consumers by providing additional assistance when required. The purpose of both our Proof of Quality resources and the reason we post on selected forums is to inform consumers that these resources are in place and to enable them to contact us.

    The end result of such an exercise by KwikChex is that we can identify and assist any customers that have genuine grievances, can evaluate whether the businesses that request our assistance are fully compliant with the appropriate laws and regulations - and produce a genuine perspective of the business.

    We have carried out an initial analysis of the content on this site and are concerned about some of the material published. We would now like to be able to both assist any persons with genuine grievances or concerns - and to also demonstrate where comments are inaccurate and request that the relevant authors and the publisher remove them.

    We would request that the publisher contacts KwikChex for a private discussion and that any authors with specific concerns, particularly those that have been customers, do likewise. Please contact verifcatioteam@kwikchex.com

    1. Presumably Chris Emmins from Kwikchex would like to ban Occupy Wall Street, because there's no legal proof that the financial industry is anything other than a benefit to humanity, allowing businesses and individuals to borrow and invest money.

      So increasing number think banking is parasitical, with gains privatised and losses socialised. Tough - prove it or go away - is that right Chris?

      Or is it right as long as you get paid to get them banned?

      The fact is that K2A is a scam, it will eventually publicly blow up. What will that inevitable blow up say about kwikchexs and you Chris, the guy that tried to shut up dissent?

      Let's hope you make enough money out of it before it does. Good luck.

    2. To the owner of this blog:

      By providing this blog you have allowed citizens to read real-life experiences of K2A seminar and course attendees, and in doing so saved increasing numbers (myself included) from wasting thousands on next to useless courses.

      A suggestion:

      I'm sure many including myself would be willing to make a donation towards legal fees to fight for the right to keep this blog up and running on the web. Maybe put up a banner message with a paypal link?
      I would be willing to contribute.

  10. As per the reviews not a single positive review seen . Thank u all for sharing ur experiences . Please anyone let me know any reliable course that will help me . Contact me swchetan@gmail.com
    May god help u all in achiving ur dreams

  11. I swear Knowledge to Action just appeared in your ad sense ads at the top! There's some irony there.

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