What is your experience in Stock Trading Courses line Wininvesting?

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We would like to here from people who have been to share trading courses. There are plenty around, a simple Google search brings out the following:
... and the list goes on.

One thing that they seem to all have in common when visiting their websites, is the great testimonials for their share trading courses / fx trading courses. However as we all know, there are a lot of losers in thes spread-betting strategies. (in fact, after you add in the transactions costs, and the cost of the course, it would be fair to guess there might be more losers than winners).

We want to hear from real people. People who have made money, and people who have lost money. And people who have done both. What is the truth about the courses? Many of them promise to be able to provide you with a stable second income. The opinion of many of those who have left comments on this blog is that you are more likely to lose money, and if you do make a gain it is more likely to be a lucky gamble than a "stable second income".

If you have been on a share trading course, please let us know your honest opinion!

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