Real Testimony from KnowledgetoAction course. Does it work?

Here is a comment that was left on one of our postings... From someone who has attended both of the KnowledgetoAction Trader's University Courses:

I would like to advise anyone considering doing the Tradersuniversity Course, to immediately cancel, and get your money back.

I have attended the 2 hour free seminar, the weekend resindential and indeed a further course called "MasterTrader". I have followed the rules, as given by Greg Secker himself.
Perhaps the TradersUniversity trading rules work in long term trending markets, (2002-2007) but for now, with markets all over the place and one piece of bad news sending the market crashing, its not the time.

You can learn what I was tight from a book also. It much cheaper than the 5000 pounds I spent in total. I have lost about 2000 pounds in addition to this 5000 in current market conditions.

I also had a colleague who lost 10000 pounds following the TradersUniversity rules. He decided to question the testimonials on thier web site and also the ones given one we eventually signed up.
He received no reply from anyone at TraderUniversity. He still hasn't to this day. Decide yourself, but you have been warned!!

Thank you to anonymous for this unedited testimonial about Gerg Secker's traders university course!