K2A advertises for High Income Speakers

As pointed out by a guest comment,

KnowledgeToAction is advertising for positions of "High Income Speakers" with "No experience needed" "just sales experience".

Read for yourself, but this seems to contradict what every seminar speakers tells his audience, i.e. that he is a very successful trader and just doing the speaking to help you become a millionaire. Yeah, right! and the fast car he'll claim to own? ;-)

Oh.. and it's interesting to see how K2A calls themselves "a fast growing international seminar company". That would imply their profits are derived principally from seminars, and not from trading... but I think most on this blog had already figured that out!

from: http://knowledgetoaction.co.uk/about/careers/Graduate-Speaker-Advert-jul11.pdf

Trader's University Review

Here is the latest, complete review on Greg Secker's Trader's University KnowledgetoAction course. Thanks to the contributor of the review for sharing his full experience of the Forex trading course!

Knowledge to Action (K2A) – Greg Secker

First impressions; was that this was a sales pitch and nothing else; the guys were dressed in poorly tailored suits which didn’t go to meet people’s expectations that we would meet successful traders earning a mint. Of course since realised you can be trading very well and not be earning fortunes, but the first impression in any case was what I or the other 20 or so people expected.

The K2A guy, did a relatively good job explaining the forex market and it was possible to make money from the market. He handled the usual questions on “this can’t be true”, “this is gambling”, if you are a successful trader why are you doing this” quite well. He did boast a little too much he made, but being a designer man myself, I noticed the cheap shirts and clothing they were wearing.

At the end of the seminar in which he gave no real idea as to what strategies one would follow to make money they came out with sell. For £2000 + vat (disc from £3000) you’d get a 2 day Forex Training course, 3 coaching sessions of 30mins each and a Greg Secker DVD set. I had money that I had to use for retraining (any nothing else) so I went for it.

2 Day Forex Seminar

The 2 day seminar at their place in Fulham was interesting. The course was packed with 30 other people and we were all given a manual which contained 3 of Greg Seckers strategies that he teaches on the course. 1 for end of day and 2 intra day.

The Good bits :

1. The instructor was laid back, fun, interesting and had a few of trading ideas over and above the ones in the manual
2. The course went from “this is a candle” level to brief mentions of Fibonacci
3. Relaxed and motivating atmosphere
4. Step by step guide as to how to implement each strategy
5. Good overviews of the forex market and how it works

The Could do better bits :

1. No food given !!! For £1000 /day per person you think they could stretch to a sandwich!
2. Because it starts from basic principles it can be slow for some people, but then moves very quite quickly during the day two leaving the slower ones behind.
3. There is nothing in the course that you cannot read in a few £20 books and read for free on the internet
4. It is overpriced. It is priced at this level, in my view as people must think “if its this much; it must be good”. I have since seen similar courses for a less than half what K2A charge.

The Good bits

1. Met some other people who seemed serious about trading full time forex

The Could Do Better :

1. Be prepared – the coaches didn’t really have much of an agenda or seemed organised to handle the event
This was a no brainer piece of advice for me – don’t waste your money. If you look hard enough around London area you can find the same thing for a lot less.

K2A kept hammering on that brokers won’t teach you how to trade, I found by attending FREE on-line seminars in the evening, that they teach the same stuff, which I paid 2.5k for. K2A are con-artists, they promise the world but deliver nothing. They also fail to mention you require a 10k trading account to make the kind of money they promote in their seminars. Plus during our course they introduced a person who was advertising real wealth programme for £35k, really inappropriate found out from people they then discount to 15k +VAT.

In summary I am more convinced that Greg Secker makes more money from training that he does from trading as do his coaches. Have not seen or heard anything since to make me think otherwise. I am sure these guys trade and maybe some of them trade successfully, they talk a good game, just something in me isn’t 100% convinced of them as I am of what they sell.

On leaving the course, I was not at all confident in placing a trade, attended 4/5 on-line seminars which had some decent presenters, placed my 1st trade after 2wks and by chance hit profit.

I have booked coaching sessions with my coach – I’ll give a final review on these sessions when I have finished them. (Not flexible timing to suit your working life as promised)

If you need help getting a refund from the course if you've just signed up, check out http://knowledgetoaction.blogspot.com/2008_11_01_archive.html